Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Calera House

Well Fun News !!!!! The Lord is taking us on a new adventure something I didnt think we would be doing for another year or two the Lord has just been opening doors for us to be home owners. Okay i need my paper bag ;) Breath!!!!
Brent and I are so excited and (overwhelmed, well that is me not brent he is so relaxed)! Thankfully we have such an amazing agent Courtney :) that is holding our hand and telling us what we need done and by when. Which has been very helpful since we are both new to Mortgages , contracts, closing dates, repairs and so much more.
We ask for your prayers on the house!! We know it is all up to Jesus and we are good with the outcome either way we just want it all to be in His will !!!Also i am posting pictures today on Picasa

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  1. Yeah for new houses!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It will happen I promise. House warming party to come :) So much fun!