Monday, September 20, 2010

new pictures of the house finished (well for now)

our dining room :) yeah for new blinds !!!
our living room

our fireplace :)

here is our bathroom and our decor

This is our guest bathroom:)

the new guest bath

new kitchen

look at the additions gurney :) they look great thank you


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

twins with Rivers and Rain

typical twin moment

loved this picture

d moma and d daddy did so good smiling :)
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look at this sweet smile
it just gets better

how cute

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first butterfly !!!
look straddle :) d moma i have it :)
My first straddle
Hollow body hold (what is so amazing is most our big girls cant do this )
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MMM taste so good
Look at me i am pulling up !! move d moma i got it
d moma i can do it i promise
see i did it !!
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