Thursday, November 26, 2009


I sit here and reflect on what i am thankful for and i am so thankful for my Lord and savior first and for most.. I am thankful that he thought i was so important that he gave his life for me. Sometime i really get caught up in how much he really loves us:) Wow it is amazing ....

Also i am so Thankful for my wonderful FAMILY!!!! It starts with my greatgrandpartents. The Robinson's , Weldon's , McCraven's , and Waylee's. I know they all had a huge part in building my families heritage but the one's i remember would be the Robinson's , Mccraven's, and the weldon's (well i really only remember granny weldon) We use to go to Christmas party over there and she would give us all a pair of pj's with the feet in them (they were the best)!!!... But i really remember my great-grandparents on McCraven and Robinson sides ... I use to love going to great grandmother mccravens and going into her back yard and trying to pick up the "big" watermelons , tomato's, and my basket would be so full and heavy walking back to the house... They where so sweet and loving they would give you the shirt off their back. Then their is the Robinson's wow i remember watching great granddaddy love granny robinson and those orange penuts you couldnt go into their house with out at least eating one, and then their was great granddad's pat on your leg that would make you think you where getting the worst beating of your life:) haha and the generosity of granny robinson man if i have heard it once i have heard it a million times from so many people on how giving she was.. and i remember watching her at her shop and how she delt with people and their was nothing but love in her eyes and heart.
Which brings me to my wonderful grandparents.
The weldons side wow look at the smiles (i think this is where i learned to laugh from them)

Gurney and Grandaddy have taught me so much. I have watched them love each other for at least 29 of my years and many more than that..Thank you Jesus for blessing me with grandparents that have lived out your word with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, faithfulness ... i have seen it lived out in front of me my whole life.. Talk about blessed!!!

Grandmother and Granddaddy have taught me alot over the last 29 years. The value of time spent with your family... one thing grandmother always has told us come when you can and she just has really shown us the time spent together is so valuable you cannot put a price tag on it:) The love i have seen her and granddaddy share has been wonderful to watch and to know her love for him has not changed:) See what i mean about being blessed ...

That brings me to my wonderful parents (look at those 2 love birds)
My mom and Dad have been such a huge blessing in my life. I want to grow up and be like them !!! They have showed me so much unconditional love over these years. I see Christ love through them. Mom and Dad thank you so much for everything yall have done for me .. For denying your wants to put us kids through school, gymnastics, cheer, and esp our weddings hahaha yall are the most amazing parents a child could ask for . Thank you for teaching us what your parents taught yall love, patience, joy, peace... Also thank you for looking to Jesus Christ for guidance.
Also i am so thankful for my sisters and their husbands.. Girls you know yall are everything to me.. I love yall so much more than i can ever express. I am so blessed to have an amazing husband that loves me through Christ !!!!

i will be posting pictures from today soon !!!
Happy Thanksgiving to you!!!
Angie i really missed you, bryan, charlie, and sam today:(

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I am starting to understand why they gave him the nickname "George" because he is so curious.
To say the least he was scared :)
Tennessee Valley ( river in the back ground)

The sign in front of a little spot we found leaving Look Out Mountain this is where we got the pictures without the railing :) haha and we took a picture of the sign for David and Christina ( if they have a boy David wants to name him Braxton Bragg Comer ) and if you look in the sign it talks about General Braxton Bragg :)
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Can you spot the Bacon?

That looks like a Texas size Potato Chip to me!!
Here is Ruby Falls !!! ( I wasnt tall enough to get over that bald mans head)
I went under the falls and took a picture looking up the falls :)
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One Year Anniversary

I am having the hardest time realizing that we have been married for a year now . How time has past us by:) But thankfully we didnt have to do the bathroom this weekend (because insurance is covering it , well everything that was damaged by the leak) since we didnt have to spend our weekend ripping out the bathroom we took sunday and went to Chattanooga, TN to see Rock City and Ruby Falls :) Here are some of those pictures :)

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Monday, October 5, 2009

more bathroom pictures

This is the shower where we will rip it out and the unused storage space next to it and make that one big walk in shower :) At least that is the plan.

This is a picture of the double sink that his parents bought about a year ago for that bathroom :)

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bathroom pictures

here is our bathroom now :) Hate the lights by the way :) if you look close enough you can see the mold on the side of the sink cabinets

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Redoing our Bathroom

Just to start this off ... My biggest fear of starting a blog is my grammar so i am going to get over it and start one anyway :)
So Brent and I are coming up on our 1 year anniversary and we realize we have this weekend off :) And we where pondering the thought of going up to Chattanooga spending the day at ruby falls and look out mountain. Romantic i know !!! Well that all changed when we realized that this is the last weekend we have off till Thanksgiving and Christmas :) And we have this leak in our bathroom that is causing mold to grow under our floors (we can see it under white vinyl) and also it is starting to run into our bedroom (that is causing our new wood floors to pucker )
So needless to say our romantic, fun, exciting , full of picture taking weekend in chattanooga for our anniversary will be ripping up and replacing our bathroom :) Right now we are discussing all the plans with his family (since this is his parents house we have to get the okay to do all this :)

Okay so here is ashley's plans
1. Thursday (before i have to be at the gym 3:00) rip out the entire bathroom except floor
2. Friday rip out floor and then have the plumber redo all the plumbing for the shower and set it up for a new walk in shower , also move the toilet to the other side of the bathroom so we can bring in the new double sink his parents already bought.
Lay new subfloors and brace them
3. Saturday - Lay all the Tile (All the floors , the new shower floor , and all the way up the wall in the shower
Also build the new wall for the walk in shower
4. Sunday - Grout and seal the floor , paint and move everything in :)

hahahah okay so those were my plans mmmm well lets just say to have it all done in 4 days i need hgtv or diy network and all their expertise to do that (or so i am told by brent and his parents ) because now i am learning you have to tile one day, grout the next , and seal the next day (that is 3 days)

Well we will see what is going to happen i guess sooner to time :)
By the way i really do love my husband for letting me dream my dreams until i have to face the facts :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Our Recent Trips

Lord your so amazing!!! I love looking at the wonderful ways you paint the sky:)