Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Okay here are a few pictures of our renovations ... i will take some o f the final product and post them to :)
Here is our room before we painted

We were not done but here is the fun new relaxing color

Here is a picture of our bathroom right when we pulled out the sink and toilet (look at all the fun mold ) I didnt get any pictures when they tore out the floors :) but everything but the walls were torn out :)
Here is our new sink area :) all nice and clean
Here is where the shower was (if you look close there is a hole in the floor where it was draining on the ground ) :)
Here is the same view now with our lovely walk in shower :)
Here is a picture of the guest bath all torn up ... i dont have any pictures of this one finished yet but i will get some :) ( eric and I accidentally pulled the ceiling down when pulling the stand up shower out ) that is our new bath tub yeah for bathtubs:)

this is the only picture i have of the kitchen before anything was changed :) and this is the first year we moved in only a couple of months after we moved in :)
Here is the kitchen when we painted the cabnets but with the green counter tops :)

Now here is the black counter tops and the new backsplash that we did all by our selves well ( brent, his mom and me :)
Here is the picture when we got done with everything now all i need is to take pictures with the cabinet doors on and also with the new appliances :) so hopefully i can work on the new pictures and post friday :)